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IntelliSteer-Lite On CX5/6 Combines MY2019

Date 18/06/2018

Marcel Verhoeven

IntelliSteer-Lite is a Factory Fitted automatic steering system for CX5/6 Standard combines.

Point of view Value Proposition, accuracy and return on investment for the CX5/6 customer this solution beats all records.

Another major advantage is that it can be moved after the harvest season to a tractor, even competitor tractors.


The Factory Fitted option contains the following components:

  1. The steering motor: High torque electrical motor mounted in the plant under the steering wheel. High-torque, positive-gear drive with whisper quiet operation to steer even the most demanding vehicles. Brushless DC Motor for long live reliability. Unique split-ring assembly for easy removal and transfer to other vehicles.
  2. The controller: is mounted in the plant in the same location as the other UCM machine controllers. T3™ Terrain Compensation technology continually corrects for roll, pitch and yaw by using threeaxis solid state inertial sensors to give you a true on-ground position.
  3. The Antenna: New generation Cygnus A antenna capable of processing Egnos and PLM-1 accuracy correction signals (=level of accuracy: +/-15 cm Pas To Pass.). NO unlock is required! This antenna is a Dual Frequency, GPS + Glonas, L-band.
  4. The need to pay a yearly Subscription for PLM1 (=level of accuracy: +/-15 cm Pass To Pass) for the satellite delivered correction signal. BUT it is free the first year!! This solution provides an accuracy which will be perfectly suite 90% of the customers.

IntelliSteer-Lite advantages for the customer:

  1. Increased forward speed and reduced working time
  2. Reduced fuel consumption due to increased efficiency and less overlaps.
  3. Reduced stress, the drive can focus on PERFORMANCE instead of on good steering